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Modification Sommerkamp TS-340 / TS-310, Royce 639, Globephone

Modification to 3 bands each 40 channels, can include uk channels
Installation of FM, +5k and +10k switches
 ●  Optimization (PTT noise, nodulation etc.) incl. compldete alignment
 ●  Also available for RIT-varsion
(double clarifier, Globephone, TS-310)

TS-340 (DX)
normal (single-clarifier)

Price: EUR 180.-

       Order/ask: [email ]

TS-340 DX (double clarifier/coarse), TS-310, Globephone

Price: EUR 220.-

        Order/ask: [email ]

Modification Sommerkamp TS-788

●  Change of the complete control unit (ideal for defektive control boards)
 ●  Can be switched between frequency- and channel display 1-40 (80).
 ●  Absolute frequency stability by use of DDS-technology.
 ●  New Top-FM-modulation und Top-FM-receiver.
 ●  Frequency range down to 24.800 MHz (12m).
 ●  5k steps selectable.

 ●  Only minimal alignment necessary by service menu.

Download information  here

  Price: EUR 370.-

        Order/ask: [email ]

Variant without new FM-receiver

Price: EUR 330.-

        Order/ask: [email ]

Modification Sommerkamp TS-780

 ●  Frequency stabilisation by DDS-module.
 ●  Correction of bands lo-mid-hi (int. norm).
Installation of FM-module for top receiving and modulation.
 ●  Modification
with FM or DDS also single available.

Price: EUR 190.-

        Order/ask: [ email ]

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* Opening or changing a cb-radio may result in loosing the general permission. Please pay attention to the legal regulations of Your country. No responsibility will be taken when disregarding.
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